Polaroid cases are here!

I grew up in the late 80s, which meant my parents had at least one Polaroid camera in the house and today I’m the proud owner of those creamy instant memories from my childhood. Polaroid sure holds a certain amount of nostalgic values in my heart. When I think of Polaroid pictures I get the instant association of long hazy summer days I spent in Dalmatia, the smell of the old Grandma’s apartment where I spent most of my day, and many more.

Those were the feelings that I wanted to make possible for others.  I wanted this for my friends and my couples – to feel as a kid once again. At least for a second.

Last year I introduced Polaroid guest books and it turns I was right – my couples and their guest were impressed! Most of them didn’t know this even exist anymore. I kept hearing: “Oh my God, last time I saw this, was when my Grandpa took a photo of me!” (while shaking a Polaroid picture). It was a huge hit.

This year I wanted to make something unique where couples could keep all those Polaroid pictures. Naturally, I wanted the same look and feel for my Polaroid cases. Since I’m not an expert in making those, I contacted a talented couple from Handmade in Moste (check them here) who are experts in this kind of work. The result was beautifully handcrafted leather case which you can see on the photos below. (Oh, and their apartment in old beautiful villa had almost the same smell and look as my Grandma’s house so it was like stepping in a time machine – and perfect fit for our Polaroid case).