Goodnight summer

It’s funny how time flies. Today is the last day of summer so I decided to browse through my summer vacation folder to bring back some good times I had on the picturesque Dalmatian coast (secret coves on the island of Hvar, sandy beaches of Brač, Trogir, etc.)

Once I read a quote by Paolo Roversi that stuck with me in this new era of digital pollution: “I’m not the kind of photographer who always has a camera around his neck, always taking pictures of everything, with the fear of losing the moment. My life is full of pictures I didn’t take, or that I just took with my mind.”   I usually stick to this philosophy on every trip or vacation so I can just sit back and enjoy moments around me. So basically, the photos below are one of the few in my vacation folder. 🙂  They are a mixture of digital, phone and analog photos. Hope you’ll enjoy my short summer diary 🙂

hvar-wedding-photographer-0hvar-wedding-photographer-0ahvar-wedding-photographer-0bhvar-wedding-photographer-0chvar-wedding-photographer-48hvar-wedding-photographer-1hvar-wedding-photographer-5hvar-wedding-photographer-6hvar-wedding-photographer-7hvar-wedding-photographer-8hvar-wedding-photographer-9hvar-wedding-photographer-10hvar-wedding-photographer-11hvar-wedding-photographer-12hvar-wedding-photographer-13hvar-wedding-photographer-14hvar-wedding-photographer-15hvar-wedding-photographer-16hvar-wedding-photographer-17hvar-wedding-photographer-20hvar-wedding-photographer-21hvar-wedding-photographer-21bhvar-wedding-photographer-22hvar-wedding-photographer-12ahvar-wedding-photographer-24hvar-wedding-photographer-31hvar-wedding-photographer-32hvar-wedding-photographer-34hvar-wedding-photographer-39hvar-wedding-photographer-40hvar-wedding-photographer-43hvar-wedding-photographer-44hvar-wedding-photographer-47Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presethvar-wedding-photographer-54